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Akshay Rao Photo
Akshay Rao

+91 9925027797

Entrepreneur and Businessman Mr. Akshay Naveen Rao together with his friend, a visionary Mr. Deepak founded Phenix Enterprise, a mining company in the year 2016. He is a global personality with excellent communication, analytical and interpersonal skills, keen business strategies and aggressive business tactics. He has travelled far and wide across Asia, Middle East and Africa to promote his company Phenix Enterprise. Conceptualizing and implementing plans / strategies to facilitate smooth operations & planning is his philosophy. Change is inevitable in any business and implementing frequent and wide spread changes is really important in a business model. Mr. Akshay Rao is frequently aware of all these changes and is flexible to work as per client needs.

Mr. Rao believes that the company must be able to cater to different needs of various international clients and keeping this in mind he has kept the company functionality agile enough. He implements Thorough Follow-up Planning Environment System (FPES) at a core level to maintain a strong network of global clients and traders on a regular basis. He has set his working principles based on the future methodology which are responsible for current pace and success figures of the company.

Deepak Thacker

+91 9687037876

Mr. Deepak Shantilal Thacker is a pro in understanding financial aspects such as P/L a/c, Balance Sheet, Ratios, Working Capital trends, Management Accounting Tools, Banking, Forex, Shipping documentation, Tax regime and various laws. He is very well aware of the latest technologies, new inventions and current trends which helps him in capturing and dealing with every new opportunity in an innovative manner.
Mr. Deepak has developed a process to fulfill all the compliances of Government rules and regulations and has incorporated a habit of taking each step with utmost responsibility towards the nation in Phenix Enterprise with ease. Progress of the company with sustainable development of the society is one of the main working ethics followed at Phenix Enterprise. Managing the whole team extracting utmost efficiency with constant inspiration towards ultimate Vision of the company by converting short term goals in tiny achievements is a routine at Phenix Enterprise due to his perfect planning and system enforcement.

Monil photo
Monil Tanna

+91 9167770950

Mr.Monil Tanna is a proficient and optimist International Trade expert with a demonstrated history of extensive expertise in Sales and Distribution, International Trade, Port Management, Logistics & FMCG Industry in both physical as well as monetary metrics with a strong determination of constant global expansion, by delivering nothing but quality in the international market.

With an illustrated knowledge of technical variables of a diversified and enormous gamut of products, evaluation of foreign market risks including geographical, political, economic and commercial parameters, assessment of product potential in nexus to the identification of different foreign market mandates, identification of product controls, management of project life cycles and resultant efficiencies, Mr.Tanna is successfully bridging theĀ  lacuna between the ever transmuting market dynamics and the vulnerable supply chains by optimizing and building supply chain resilience and expansively collaborating Phenix Enterprise across the global network. A thorough game changer in the world of impex, Mr.Tanna firmly believes in delivering absolute client satisfaction and zero compromise on product excellence.

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